April/May @ Sidelines

Free Pool to Members
$5.00 for Guests

Free Pool, 13 TVs, Darts, Foosball, Wii, and Giant Jinga!

Come play a game or two with us.

Spring is the time for Soccer, Ice hockey, Golf and Tennis, and MMA events to enjoy.

Royals Logo


Annual Royals Prom Dress Match May 16, and then their usual 3rd half "Prom" @ Sidelines. Always a GREAT weekend of fun!


Welcome Summer Party
June 20, 2015. Come help us celebrate the long awaited return of summer.



Try our latest ale for all you beer lovers:


Brown English Pale Ale



Always something fun to do at Sidelines

Open 7 days a week
Closed Christmas Eve

Only a short 5 minute walk from Woodlawn Train Station.